Freshly baked Pies & Breads at Stowe Farm

 The country is open Wednesday-- Sunday  2021 Opening weekend September 11th & 12 Untitled design Our  Country Store is  full of delicious treats for you and your family.   Apple pies made with our original "Stowe"  secret recipe makes for an amazing taste. As a result, people return year after year, while others come weekly  for  another  homemade pie. Some have tried to get the recipe but that's not handed out. Because of the demand for pies,  they are freshly baked  each weekend. In addition to fresh pies , frozen pies are always on hand. Therefore, if you can't get to Stowe Farm's Country Store over a  weekend, frozen pies are available  weekdays. Pumpkin, zucchini , but most of all , apple breads baked fresh each weekend for our store.  Another favorite, the "Stowe" apple crisps.  Crisp are made with nuts ,but can be requested for  order with no nuts. Stowe Farm's Country Store offers  candy , fudge and  bark from Eaton Farm's Confectioners . While we have a variety of  jellies and jams the relish is worth the trip.  Local honey carried  in  sample sticks or jars available all season long . Children enjoy the fresh baked cookies and  caramel  apples . Talked about  most of all, is the Apple Cider!  A great taste, some love it  cold , yet others love it  warmed.


Varieties  of apples will be  bagged up and ready to go at the country store. Mackintosh , Empire , Macoun , in addition to,  Honey Crisp and Cortland's to name a few . We grow apples for baking, but most of all,  just plain eating . Since  you can never get enough fresh apples during the season try a sample of any kind.  Ask one of the family staff,  they'll gladly get you one. Pie , bread and caramel apples orders can be taken. Having an outing or event just give  a call or come  to visit.  Our country store  is open every Wed - Sunday starting  September 12th to Thanksgiving. 12074643_10153084832941034_8981573765149554421_n Stowe Farm specializes  in apple pies, and breads. September through Thanksgiving our bakeshop ovens are baking non-stop.  Homemade  pies  available, baked, unbaked, or frozen. Call ahead for orders  3 or more. Having an event?  Need caramel apples, we can handle any size order , contact Deanna directly at 508-865-6069 , she will have your order ready for pick up.

  Pie orders call Amy  508-865-2743,  or use her  email

Country store information, directions , seasonal hour 508-865-4818

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