Dog Training

Professional Dog Training at Stowe Farm


Have a question about training? Please email  include your goals for your pets training along with the training level and age of your pet, this will help us evaluate your needs.

Certified dog trainers graduated from Starmark Academy, the largest  most comprehensive training center in the world . Stowe Farm  offers Professional Dog Training after completing an intensive training program.  While at the 9,600 square foot training facility, our trainers  worked with numerous dogs and are now proficient in teaching the following to our clients:

  • Behavioral Training: canine behavior and behavioral modification.
  • Beginner and Intermediate Obedience Training: building a good relationship with your dog and obedience exercises, such as sit, down, heel, walking on a loose leash, recall, stay, place (boundary stay).
  • Home Manners Training: teaching dogs proper mannerisms for living in homes, i.e. not barking when a person is at the door,
  • Clicker Training and Tricks: using a clicker for teaching dogs tricks.
  • Agility Training: the sport of agility and the use of agility techniques, obstacles, and toys.
  • Dog to Dog Greeting and Generalization: socialization with other dogs, people, and barn animals to promote better behavior around said bodies.
  • Refresher Training: keeping your dog and you up-to-date on what's been learned to ensure your pet remembers it.

Board and Train

Going away ? Leave your pet with us.

Stowe Farm offers board and train! Take a vacation while  your dog will have an experience learning obedience , proper greeting or tricks . When you come back, your dog will have something new to show you. Most of all, there is no hassle of bringing your pet to class every week. In addition, one of our handlers will  review everything your pet  learned because we know you will want to continue training at home.

This board and train is tailored to you and your dog's needs.  Depending on the duration of your trip, and goals set for your pet ,our trainers will discuss  which program is best . Whether it be a behavioral adjustment , obedience, generalizing , understanding a clicker or home manners, our trainers are ready.  Whatever your needs are, Stowe Farm will be able to accommodate  them and create the best training program for your dog while you're away!

Puppy Training

Have you recently gotten a new puppy who's hyper and still has to learn their manners?

Fear not, because we have puppy classes to get them trained so you will have a well-behaved adult dog in the future! Stowe Farm offers two 6-week puppy courses for you and your puppy to bond together.

Puppy Course 1: This is a group class for puppies between 10-16 weeks of age. During this 6-week class, your pet will learn  basic puppy commands. Come  when called by name,  walking on a loose leash, as well learning to socialize with other dogs, people, and barn animals.  Begin sits, place and heeling. The class will also go over topics such as potty-training, teething, and more.

Puppy Course 2: This second group course is designed for puppies between 4-6 months. During this 6-week class, your puppy will brush up on commands learned in Course 1, and decrease their need to use treats, so they become a well-rounded, polite dog. The course will also expand on dog obedience and teach them other commands and tricks.

Also, if you've gotten your puppy from Stowe Farm, see if you can get puppy classes with their brothers and sisters!

Beginner Training

DSC_1082It's never too late to start training your dog!

This 6-week introductory group course is great for adult dogs too.  Dogs  who have no prior training experience,  will  learn basic manners. Because adult dogs with no training tend to get distracted easily, we offer plenty of impulse-control exercises. Furthermore our Professional Dog Training program will help  socialization and obedience commands like, sit, leave it, drop it, and how to walk on a loose leash.

This class will also address issues adult dogs face, which include barking, jumping, and digging.

Intermediate Training

Prerequisite for this class: Beginner Training

During this 4-week group course, dogs will revisit their previous obedience commands and practice them with distractions to ensure they will listen to you regardless of environment. They will also learn more advanced commands such as wait, place & go to bed, roll-over, and more.

This course is designed to increase your dog's reliability in listening to you and to introduce higher-level exercises, tricks, and basic agility training.

Private Training

Can't make it to a group session? Or do you have some private goals you want to meet with your dog?



Talk to us about private training! We are now offering consultations for only $25.00. Our talented trainers can meet with you and your pet to offer a customized experience, designed to target problem areas with your dog or to teach specific commands and exercises--whatever you need, we can help create a program to suit your schedule and desires! If you like what you hear the $25.00 will go towards any classes you sign up for, as long as you sign up for at least 2 classes.