The Parents of Your Pups

At Stowe Farm, we pride ourselves on the quality of our breeding services! Parent Sires and Dams are healthy and well-raised with great temperaments. All of these qualities foster a happy and friendly pup for you to bring into your family.

First and foremost, our parents are well-socialized with dogs, other farm animals, children, and adults. Some parents are even trainer dogs in our summer camp program! The extra training, hiking, and opportunity to make children smile are part of their every day lives.  Our hounds enjoy participating in tracking, where our smaller dogs prefer agility work. Both parent sire/dam German Shepherd dogs are used for obedience training demonstration, along with agility and scent work, so you can always expect an active German Shepherd pup from us.

We welcome you to view the photos of our parent sire/dam on this page. If you have an appointment to view some of our pups, please also ask to meet the parents--they love everyone they meet!

Most of all, before considering a new puppy, ask yourself what dog will best suit your lifestyle. Are you home often and active for a hound dog, or would you enjoy a small lap dog? Look at our sire/dam pictures, and you will get an idea of what your puppy will look like as an adult. We highly suggest you understand the breed you are about to purchase. As much as you may want a certain breed of dog, please make sure you have the right home for that breed.

Email for any questions you may have about a certain breed fitting into your lifestyle. While you're at it, ask about training or pet boarding; we have it all at Stowe Farm!

Fathers (Sires)

We have a few dapper sires that you can take a look at in the photos below! Contact us if you'd love more precious dog photos in your life!

German Shepard - Hoss

Mini Poodle - Twister

Poodle - Big Ben

Mothers (Dams)

View our slideshows and photos below to see all the beautiful dams we have! The mothers range from German Shepherds to Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels! 

German Shepherds - Kona & Brook

German Shepard - Kona

Saint Bernard - Darla

Basset Hounds - Ruby & Jade

Basset Hound - Ruby

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Onyx

Newfoundland - Bossy Gal

Cocker Spaniel - Coco