Fresh Vegetables

Visit our Fruit & Vegetable Stand!

After a long winter you can feel the rush of energy as spring arrives on the farm. We throw on our mud boots and get on with our mission of spring planting. Fields are prepared, seeds and seedlings are planted. The greenhouse is busy! Transplant  begins with some plants while others continue to grow. Fresh produce will soon be available at our vegetable stand.

Stowe Farm's vegetable stand, located at 4 Stowe Road, Millbury has ample parking. While you're here take a minute to enjoy the view with 50 beautiful horses in the field across the street.  Produce, bags, pricing  and the honor system check -out box make for a quick and easy stop. 

 Mornings on the farm consist of gathering  the fresh pick of the day .Cosmo style beans , a large fancy dark green bean,  takes 55 days to grow.  A  7-9 oz tomato, know for its good flavor is  grown on the farm, ready for canning,  slicing  or adding to your favorite salad or meal.  You'll also find broccoli, cauliflower and beets. There will be a  of variety of  pickling cucumbers added during the months to come. 

Sweet corn ! This is worth the trip to visit Stowe Farm's vegetable stand.  Early-season corn is known for its excellent flavor .  Old-Fashion Sweet corn and  other varieties will tickle your taste buds!  Corn will be available July through  September. 

We have many varieties of squash: 

  • Traditional yellow squash, know for its buttery flavor. 
  • Dunja, a dark green zucchini
  •  Spineless yellow zucchini. 
  • Delicata, a sweeter squash ,excellent for stuffing and baking, 
  • Butternut
  • Acorn 
  • Sunshine squash  

*All fresh grown vegetables will be available at our farm stand for you family to enjoy*

Hope to see you!

Late August our Vegetable stand will carry  Sweet Zestar apples and early Macintosh . 

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