Our Puppy Goal

Here at Stowe Farm, we're dedicated to raising and nurturing beautiful pups.  Sweet dispositions makes cherished lifelong companions. All dogs, regardless of breed, go through various stages of development.  From  birth-2 weeks they are influenced mostly by their mother. They are  influenced by litter mates and mom from  2-4 weeks . Socialization for proper development and adjustment to living in human society happens from 3-6 weeks old. When  pups reach  6  weeks of  age they are at a rapid stage of learning. Whether it is good or bad, it will leave a lasting impact.

Our pups can go to their new families at 8 weeks old. They are evaluated for physical coordination, full use of senses, social ranking, exploration and focusing on people, before they leave.  Its up to the new family to continue with high quality training and socialization. This will be the key to creating a socially self-confident well-behaved puppy that  will strongly bond with his new family.

Stowe Farm provides each puppy with both first and second set of vaccinations. In addition you will receive their health record , health guarantee, de-worming , tick and flea treatment. Along with   AKC papers for some of the breeds. All pups leave with the food they are accustom to which will help eliminate upset bellies. We also provide each puppy with a pet bed, a coupon for a free 1 hour of pet training at Stowe Farm, to redeem anytime during your dogs life. Along with that, owners are also given a coupon for 2 free nights of boarding at our pet facility for that puppy.

Whether you're looking to purchase an intelligent Poodle mix  or a  sloppy, big  lovable  Basset hound , Stowe Farm can help. We offer lifestyle information when it comes to finding out which breed is best for you. Families should know what they are getting into before they make  any commitments.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Basset Hounds are  just two of the breeds which make up the wonderful family here at our farm. We also raise  poodle mixes for families with allergies.

In our opinion, dogs are people too, so understanding the behaviors and habits of any breed of dog is key to knowing whether they would fulfill your dreams . We offer honest and genuine answers to any questions you may have regarding  our pets .Visit our parent page to see what your dog would possibly look like as an adult.